NON-STOP company
  Main rules in our company

1. No smoking during duty time (working time) in front of the guests (only at a restaurant, bar, toilet, disco, room, etc.)

2.No alcohol during duty time (working time) or other drugs like marihuana, haschisch, etc.


3. No chewing gums during duty time (working time) in front of the guests.

 4. Be always on time! Explication:

work start everyday 10:00 until 13:00 in the afternoon 15:00 until 17:00

in the evening 19:00 until 20:00 Entrance in front of the Restaurant, 21:00 Guest Contact ,21:00 or 21:30 Minidisco and

22:00 until 23:00 Evening Show, 23:30 End of Work NOBODY FINISH THE WORK, BEFORE THE CHIEF ANIMATION GIVE THE PERMISSION! (Exception: in some hotels are different timings for the animation ...depending on the season and the hotel policy. following the program of the hotel!!!)

 5. Smile all the day everywhere and all the time! with the guests and everybody in the hotel.

6. Don't talk with or front of the guests about your PRIVATE things or about internal stuff (management). Explication: don't talk about your salary, about problems in the animation team, about the company and the hotel. Don't talk about religion and politic.  

 7. Treat all the guests the same way and say to every guest "hello, how are you?" and inform him about the daily and evening program,


8. Teamwork!!! Help each other in the animation team, do the activities together, make publicity for the activities of the others, respect each other. If there are problems in the animation team, sit together, have a meeting and talk about the problems. Don't fight against each other and guests and talk bad about the others!

 9. Cooperate with the F&B (Food and Beverage) manager of the hotel. The F&B is in charge over the animation and has to be informed about the activities of the animation team and the evening program. Also all the material for the activities like balls for water polo, beach volley, bocchia etc. will be offered by the F&B. If material is damaged bring it to the F&B, if material is lost, the animation team will be charged by cutting from salary.

 10. Don't leave the activities BEFORE the break!! If you need to go to the room or toilet, inform the chief animation and the other animation. When you leave the work, inform ALWAYS the chief animation and animation about leaving and reason! Keep always your mobile with you and answer the phone if the others of the animation team are calling you! Perhaps it is an emergency!

 11. Everybody in the animation team is responsible about himself and about the others! Explication: If you see, that someone of the team is breaking the rules, go to him and speak with him about it, in polite form! If somebody of the animation team has to leave the hotel, because of problems with the management or guests, INFORM KHALED FARAHAT immediately, please!

 12. Respect the Management and F&B of the hotel; talk with them in a friendly way, if you need something. Always inform them about guest comments, wishes and animation activities! Don't be rude!

 13. Evening Show: Follow the Animation Program!

Starting from 10:00 in the morning, inform always the guests about the evening program! All the animation team is RESPONSABLE to prepare the evening show and the costumes for the show together at least 30 min before the show starts, go to the toilet before the show! After the Show and Club dance, clean the backstage TOGETHER! Don't run away! If the Evening Show is in the disco, stay after the Club dance on the dance floor with the guests at least 15 min and then go to change the clothes one by one, don't disappear all together! 30 min after finishing the Show, the Animation can leave with permission of the chief.

 14. Follow the instructions of the chief animation, belonging to the "Main Rules" of the Company!

If the chief animation give you "strange" orders, which you are not able to follow, inform KHALED FARAHAT, please!

 15. From 10:00 until 17:00 wear always the animation uniform, EVERY DAY!

 16. Don't go to the room of the others in the animation team! Woman does not must to go to the room of the men never!!! Men does not must to go to the room of the woman never!

 17. The chief animation is responsible about the animation team! If the animation don't follow the rules, first of all the chief is responsible! The chief animation has to do the activities, the same as the animation and has no privileges!

If the chief animation is busy with the F&B or preparing the program or show, he doesn't have to be the whole time at the swimming pool or in the activities! Respect the chief animation the same as the others of the animation team.

If there are problems between the animation and the chief, inform KHALED FARAHAT, not the F&B manager!!!!!

 18. Don't through the guests into the swimming pool and don't run with them on the swimming pool! If the guests have an accident, who will takes the responsibility??

 19. Keep the music on the swimming pool always on acceptable level, not too loud! Music on the swimming pool: 10:00 until 10:30 chill out music 10:30 until 11:00 chill out cd for stretching 11:00 until 12:00 chill out or soft music/piano/jazz etc. 12:00 until 12:30 techno cd for aqua gym 12:30 until 15:00 chill out or soft music/piano/jazz etc. 15:00 until 16:00 latino/oldies/arabic music 16:00 until 16:30 Belly dance Cd 17:00 stop the music on the swimming pool R&B and Techno are completely forbidden on the swimming pool!!! Exception: 30 min at day techno for aqua gym!! (Exceptions: in some hotels there are different timings for the animation ...depending on the hotel policy)

 20. Chare the activities at day between the animation and the chief!! Example: You have 4 activities and 3 animation and 1 chief -  everybody does 1 activity (also the chief!!) And if you have free time, do guest contact or join the activity of the others, don't stay in the animation box relaxing or anything else.

 21. Dress Code in the evening

Explication: for girls: put nice, clean dress with make up and perfume, or trousers, no sports clothes or base cap!!!!

for boys/men: shave!! no sports clothes, clean trousers and shirt, perfume and no base cap and no sports shoes!!!

 22. Every material of the company given to the animation has to be devolved to KHALED FARAHAT, if you leave the hotel/company. If the material will not be devolved, it will be cutted from the salary!! Materials: Animation Main Rules, Animation T-Shirts, Music Equipment, Microphone, Costumes, Copies for Quiz, Karaoke, Bingo, Instructions, Songbooks for Karaoke and Cds, Shoes etc.

   Don't show or leave to anybody (not working in the Company) these materials, ESPECIALLY THE INSTRUCTIONS AND MAIN RULES FOR ANIMATION!  Take care about the material from the company AND the hotel!

 23. Karaoke has no fixed time, don't leave the Karaoke before ending and let the Chief alone!! Everybody has to stay until the end of the Karaoke!!!!

 24. Clean appearance in the hotel!!!!

Explication: come clean, with clean teeth, shower and clean clothes to the work (for the men: also shaved and with the hair clean and brushed) EVERY DAY AND EVERY EVENING!!!

 25. During Oriental Show and Belly dancer....go around, don't sit, and animate the guests to clap the hands  Go before the Show to the toilet!!!

 26. Be always nice and friendly with the guests, management of hotel and staff in ANY SITUATION! If the guests are rude with you, smile and stay friendly!! Don't press and push the guests to do something, what they don't like to do or for the activities!!!! Ask them, if they want to enjoy in the activities, if not, smile and say "thank you, enjoy your day/time!"

27. The animation team is responsible to inform the guests before any activity about dangers in any activity, like aqua gym etc. Especially: for old people, pregnancy, blood pressure etc.

 28. Only the Chief Animation/assistant of chief animation is allowed to give orders to the animation! Not one animator to another!

 29. All the Animation in the Company can be transfer to work to different hotels in any tourist place in Egypt, if it's necessary for company! Nobody is privileged to stay in one special hotel!!!

 30. NEVER play Billiard, Chess or Cards with the guests during the working time without permission of the Chief.

 31. NEVER sell Cds (Copies of Club dance etc.) to the guests!!!

  32. Give Copy of your Passport to KHALED FARAHAT. Sign Confirmation of full health for work!!

 33. Don't stay with the same guests too much time!! Example: 10-20 min!! (max.)

 34. If you are sick and cannot come to work, inform the chief and the animation before STARTING THE WORK (30 min at least). Call the Reception and ask for the doctor. Go to see the doctor or let him come to your room. Get a request for sickness from the doctor and give it later to the Chief Animation and the Chief to Khaled Farahat! If you have a request for sickness, the days that you are sick, will be paid. If you don't go to the doctor and just stay in the room, this will be cutted from the salary!



  • .NEVER go to the room of the guests!!!
  • .Animation GIRLS NEVER have to go to the room of the Animation BOYS/MEN OR ANY STUFF!
  •  NEVER give the tel. number to the guests!!!
  •  NEVER have sexual relations with guests anywhere in the hotel or around hotel!!!
  •  NEVER give the room number to the guests!
  •  Don't disappear for a long time with ONE guest (opposite gender)!!!
  •  NEVER dance with a guest (opposite gender) slow dance, kissing and/or touching each other!!



 The Chief Animation has to be A GOOD EXAMPLE for the animation team! Work better and harder than the Animation, being always friendly with everybody and the animation team, being always the first in work, correcting and teaching and helping the animation! And of course joining the activities!

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